Measure Brand Health in Real Time

By September 4, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

Before the explosion of social media, companies relied on focus groups and marketing surveys to reveal consumer passions. And to their detriment, many companies still rely on that approach. But in today’s real time economy, those traditional tools are too slow, too small, and too clunky to unearth the subtle takeaways and hidden opportunities companies now need. Think about it: With consumer data from an evergrowing number of social media platforms, any opportunity audience with a browser can consult a million BFFs about absolutely any product or purchase. That means consumer perceptions are susceptible to influences far beyond what any brand controls. Only one marketing data source is powerful and swift enough to keep up with consumers’ ever-shifting purchase intentions, product obsessions, and brand affections: social data. It offers depth, breadth, and instant updates.

Consumers social data provides unprecedented access to frank, in-the-moment buyer opinions. Its massive scale provides more information in a day than surveys do in a decade; it fills in gaps that traditional market researchers didn’t even know they were missing. The best data analytics software vacuums up all that data, digests it, and presents the most accurate, panoramic, and timely picture of brand health available.

There’s no doubt marketing must move faster and has to be more accountable than ever. Social data is the richest source available to scale brand health measurement in real time to keep up with the pace of consumers’ lives. Download our new whitepaper, and get a glimpse on how to measure your brand health in real time.