Maximizing the Value of Influencer Marketing

Social media has transformed how brands market their products and services, making Influencer marketing I more important than ever. Increasingly, savvy brands are recruiting influencers who are capable of expanding the organization’s reach via word of mouth marketing, social and other channels.

Too often, brands evaluate potential influencers using ineffective gauges and criteria, without thoroughly evaluating the influencer’s existing audience and its overlap with the brand’s audience. It’s a mistake that can hinder your ability to target the influencers most capable of achieving long-term audience engagements.

Key Elements of Successful Influencer Marketing Engagement

It’s surprising how many marketers base their influencer marketing programs on Facebook likes, Klout scores and other simple evaluation criteria. While these criteria offer a convenient starting point in the search for brand influencers, they don’t go far enough and don’t speak to existing audience affinities. To be effective, influencer marketing needs to begin with the use of social analytics technology.

Some of the influencer marketing dimensions that brands should understand completely to fully engage with their opportunity audience include:

  • Affinity Alignment – Understand consumers’ activities and topics of conversation on an ongoing basis to find affinities that may not be obvious – such as emerging influencers and shared interests.
  • Platform Engagement – Identify the type of engagement (e.g., shares, content, etc.) that the influencer has on each platform to determine whether it fits with your audience’s social behaviors.
  • Content Type – Consider the type of content the individual creates and the platform he or she uses to distribute it.
  • Followers and Friends – Quantity of followers is good. But it’s also important to learn about the quality of the influencer’s social followers. Social media analytics offers visibility into the topics and emotions that characterize followers’ and friends’ online conversations.
  • Success Measurement – Forecast the reach and impact of candidates in advance, increasing the likelihood that your influencer marketing efforts will yield meaningful outcomes for the brand.

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