Marketing to Women: Establishing Trust, Advocacy and Authenticity


Women make up 85% of all consumer purchases on everything from health items to technology to food. Brands know that women are powerhouse spenders and connecting with them will make or break their sales. This is particularly true for the CPG category, as women are so often making the purchasing decisions for the household.

We wanted to find out what are some of the essential elements that should be applied to marketing efforts directed toward women to be successful. So, we analyzed billions posts by women and their activity across social media to understand how they use social channels and how they engage with brands. Furthermore, we analyzed a series of examples and use-cases featuring brands that market to women to establish what’s working today.

Our rules of thumb:

  • Establish trust
  • Foster brand advocacy
  • Showcase authenticity

Easy, right? Actually, it’s anything but easy and brands that succeed are incredibly focused on understanding the women they target along many of dimensions of their lives — way beyond gender alone. You can access the full report here to read how to achieve trust, advocacy and authenticity and why they’re each so important.

Furthermore, analyzing women’s use of social channels, we found some use cases that are clearly driving how women overall use social media. One of them is using social to build a sense of community. I’ll give you an example from the report. Not long ago, Networked Insights worked with Campbell’s to identify one product’s opportunity audience: the Survival Mode Mom. The Survival Mode Mom audience is predominantly women with young children and low to middle household income. She’s in “survival mode” because of the physical, mental and financial demands on parents with young children. After analyzing the websites the Survival Mode Mom shares most, we learned that she’s a heavy user of social media and news sites that allow her to stay connected to other adults and the outside world, offering a new sense of community. You can read the full use case in the report.

Overall, the key to successfully marketing to women is in focusing on the brand’s opportunity audience(s) as opposed to women as a whole, because while women make up a huge percentage of consumers who are doing the buying in this country, they are not one monolithic block. And for brands to be successful, they need to continuously understand what moves their best possible customer – and market to her.