Social Analytics Playbook: Reaching Untapped Female Audiences

Did you know that women make up to 85% of all consumer purchases ranging from health items to technology to food?

Given this fact, it’s no surprise that marketers of every stripe inundate women with messages intended to connect with them and grab their share of the pocketbook.

But are marketers reaching their female targets in a way that makes women feel as though advertisers understand them?

In order to answer this question, Networked Insights measured billions of consumer posts across some of the most successful high-profile branded content campaigns to determine which themes and practices yield the best results, and we compiled everything we learned into this easy to use playbook.

Download this playbook today and you’ll learn:

  • How large consumer brands are finding success with themes like inspiration and community.
  • How brands like Campbell’s and Under Armour establish trust, foster brand advocacy and showcasing their authenticity to tightly targeted audiences like “Survival Moms” and the “Superfit.”
  • How to create an ongoing, dynamic process in order to drive sustained success with female audiences.

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