Marketing Decisions and Social Data Spotlight: Fox Business TV

By November 5, 2013 News No Comments

Our CEO, Dan Neely, recently appeared on Fox Business to discuss a hot topic among consumers and investors this week. Twitter’s IPO is right around the corner and the show turned to Dan for perspective about the value of their data—as well as all social data—in the eyes of brands, advertisers, and marketers.

Dan focused on many of the benefits that social provides to marketers. First, social provides a real-time window into the lives of people that’s proven powerful in culture, politics, and commerce. That, coupled with the amount of information people are sharing has made Twitter’s consumer data a valuable business, especially as they continue to help advertisers activate in response to the data.

Dan also spoke to the value within each piece of social data for brands. Each piece of social data reveals more about consumers than just face value. Each Tweet, for example, reveals a lot about the users’ location, gender, occupation, interests, life stage, and more.

Networked Insights is leading the charge in analyzing all of these signals being produced all across the social web and classifying all of the information. We’re doing it all in real-time, and it’s helping us build, for the first time ever, a consumer interest graph that brands and marketers can utilize to better connect with consumers. Fore more information, please visit

Check out the full video below: