Kudos to Our Partner, Campbell’s, For its Agile Approach to Consumer Insights

For Campbell Soup Company and associated brands such as V8, decision-making used to be guided mostly by quantitative research. Now the brand, which is a Networked Insights partner, has taken a new approach that is earning industry kudos for its agility in putting the customer at the center of all product decisions.

Katie Cleary, manager of customer insights for V8, shared her experience using social data with the crowd at a Marketing Research Association conference, where she shared that “We use digital and social media for insights and inspiration.”  She went on to explain, “Scraping the web helps me understand the range of topics.”

The result is a more insightful, customer-centric model guided by a commitment to the product-customer fit and a process that allows the brand to make decisions quicker and more confidently.

Learn more about how social has helped Cleary and her team better understand customers. Find the complete write-up on Gut Check or, contact us for more information.