We all know Captain America will be huge, but these facts may surprise you.

We all know Marvel’s next blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War will be HUGE (just look at the trailer!). It’s already broken the record for all Marvel movies in pre-sale tickets, and social media is ablaze with conversation about the film. So, when it blows the doors off the box office this weekend, it’ll be no surprise.

But, that’s not the whole story. The data reveals some interesting facts, and here are some that might still surprise you.

– People are highly engaged with the new personalized campaign launched across Twitter and the marketing is generating buzz. On the day the campaign launched, they generated the highest lift in intent to see a movie that we’ve seen.

– Captain America is beaten only by Star Wars and the Avengers: Age of Ultron, as the highest performing movies in terms of social volume of conversation on Twitter two weeks prior to release.

– Although conversation around the Captain America is huge, it remains to be seen whether fans will show up at theaters. Movie-going intent, is only slightly above average, so will the movie cross the $200M opening box office threshold? This remains to be seen.

– Captain America is hitting broad audiences and is registering well with fans of other genres and across age and gender (60% male) segments. Fans of other movie genres like sci-fi, action, fantasy and horror are expressing high levels of intent to see the film. With the high reviews Captain America is already receiving, this could be problematic for upcoming movies like Money Monster, The Angry Birds Movie, and even X-Men: Apocalypse.

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