Improving Your Brand’s Social Listening Skills

Social listening has become an important part of most enterprise marketing programs. Unfortunately, social media monitoring often fails to provide the level of detailed information it takes to generate actionable insights for a brand.

Sometimes the information that social listening provides is so vague that its value to the organization is minimal or non-existent. As a social marketing professional, you need social media monitoring tools that provide deep insights on topics that are relevant to specific audience segments.

Why Basic Social Listening Isn’t Enough

Social listening is important and useful. But the problem is that most social listening technologies don’t go far enough. Why? Because they don’t dovetail with real-world, offline metrics, nor do they provide actionable intelligence. Instead, marketers are left filling in the blanks with information that may or may not be accurate or complete.

Many social media monitoring tools provide a glimpse into net sentiment around targeted keywords or topics. Net sentiment is fine—but what about the specific emotions that are attached to consumer sentiment?

At the end of the day, to convert social insights into actionable outcomes, you need more precise information about your audiences’ emotions, attitudes and perceptions. This information is directly connected to not only how your audiences really feel, but the bottom line.

Going Beyond Simple Social Listening with Networked Insights

Networked Insights takes black-or-white social listening and social media monitoring tools to the next level. Our platform classifies the social Web according to more than 15,000 consumer interests and attributes. Key features and benefits of our technology include:

  • Robust consumer interest taxonomy
  • No keyword queries required
  • Relevantly customized to your brand
  • A range of emotional insights beyond net sentiment
  • Searchable history going back 13 months
  • Brand health and purchase funnel metrics
  • Implicit and explicit knowledge

Ready to Ramp Up Your Social Listening Capabilities?

At Networked Insights, we understand how difficult it is for community managers and social media specialists to access the real-time intelligence they need to convert social conversations into actionable brand insights.

We’re here to help. Call us today to learn how the Networked Insights’ platform can improve your social listening skills or to schedule a demo.

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