How to Use Audience Insights for Marketing Improvement

Detailed audience insights form the basis of successful marketing campaigns. Knowing your business and your key messages is important. But it’s just as important to know your customers and target audiences on a granular level.

Audience Insights: Discover What’s Important to Your Audience

Many brands struggle to truly understand what is most important to their audiences. Real-time audience insights gleaned from our Kairos platform and the social web provide a clearer view of your customers and key market segments.

  • Behaviors – Behaviors at various stages of the purchase journey show what is—and isn’t—working for your audience.
  • Attitudes – Perceptions and attitudes about your brand, your competitors and larger issues reveal information that can be used to improve your brand health and the effectiveness of the purchase journey.
  • Demographics – Demographic filters and analysis provide more detailed audience insights, helping you understand the topics that are important to specific market segments
  • Affinities – Audience affinities look outside your category to reveal your unique interests and passions by identifying the topics that your audience is discussing and sharing.

Using Audience Insights for Marketing Improvement

Audience insights provide marketers with the information to make effective marketing improvements. Some of the ways that social channel insights can help increase the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing initiatives include:

  • Fast access to information about audiences and segments shortens decision-making. Your brand can respond more quickly to audience needs and changes in the marketplace.
  • Visibility to audience interests and passions enable you to stay ahead of trends and topics that are important to your customers.
  • A 360-degree view of your audience gives your brand a competitive advantage. You can quickly discover what your customers are saying about your brand, your competitors and any virtually any topic in their lives.
  • By understanding your audience’s preferences and behaviors more clearly, you can influence the path-to-purchase for greater conversions and business impact.

Networked Insights Audience Insights Solution

Networked Insights’ Audience Insights solution equips your brand with real-time insights captured from the social web—equipping your business with the broadest and most effective consumer research solution available.

With Kairos’ Audience Insights solutions, you can:

  • Better understand audiences and segments based on behaviors, attitudes and demographics.
  • Discover trends and themes that are important to your customers, ahead of the marketplace.
  • Tap into audience affinities for activities, brands, celebrities and more.
  • Accurately align marketing activities with your customers’ actual purchase journey.

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