How Much is a Single Tweet Worth? For Movies, 560.

By February 27, 2015 Analysis No Comments

What’s playing at the movies and our desire to see them is a pretty typical conversation among friends and family. In fact, 30 million people talk about movies on Twitter every month. But what is the value of a movie tweet to marketers?

At Networked Insights, we analyzed over 400 movies since 2012 to measure the dollar impact these tweets have on weekend box office revenue. In our models, we controlled for movie genre, competitors that weekend and number of theaters. We found that, on average, one tweet adds $560 to weekend box office revenue between one and five weeks prior to the release. The timing of a tweet is especially important to its value. The farther in advance of the movie release date a tweet is posted, the more revenue the post drives.

AverageValueOfAMovieGoer-01 (3)

The most impactful tweets went beyond just mentioning a film. The very best tweets expressed an explicit intent to go see a movie. These tweets are worth $4,420 four weeks before the movie is released, or over six times more valuable than all tweets combined.

IWantToSee_TweetValue-01 (1)

So what should movie marketers take away from the data? Tweets matter, and the more direct and far in advance they are, the better. Encourage fans to tweet about movies long before opening weekend or to make plans over Twitter to attend a showing with friends. Any way you can encourage an authentic conversation on social media about your film will expand your audience and raise opening weekend revenue as a result.

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