Hi-Definition Audiences

Networked Insights Introduces New Analytics and Data to Help Marketers Understand Their Audience in “Hi-Definition” for the First Time

Networked Insights was joined by Twitter during a special webinar event detailing how their launch partnership provides top brands with unprecedented means of gaining insights and targeting unique audiences. The presentation comes on the heels of both companies’ recent announcements of their collaboration. Networked Insights has been given unparalleled access to Twitter’s new Audience API, upon which Kairos® Audience Insights is built, effectively applying the industry’s richest analytic platform, Kairos, upon the most massive source of social data

Networked Insights’ Kairos platform uses a proprietary technology to analyze and extract unique signals including demographics, interests, emotions and intent, while still adhering to strict consumer privacy standards. Brands can use this information to understand unique audiences, at scale, in vivid detail and go on to target them more effectively.

“It’s no surprise to marketers that demo- or even psycho-graphic targeting just doesn’t cut it any more,” commented Brian Johnson, SVP Strategy and Operations at Networked Insights. “They need to look outside of these conventional targeting metrics to connect with exactly the right person at the right time. So, instead of taking broad strokes and targeting millennial females, for example, they can focus in on people who fit unique criteria – whether it’s that they happen to love baseball, eat gluten-free cereal, shop at Target or have children. Or, more likely, that they fit a unique combination of any of these or more than 25,000 classified descriptors that make up a person. That’s targeting in hi-definition.”

Brands are using hi-definition audience insights to understand what’s meaningful to consumers so they can develop content that is meaningful and connect on the media that’s relevant.

If you are interested in viewing today’s webinar featuring Networked Insights and Twitter, request access to the recording here.