Gumball Girl: How Guardian Life Increased Video Content Engagement by 2000%

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Networked Insights data used to drive a digital content strategy for Guardian Life Insurance

Exactly one year ago today, Guardian Life Insurance posted a cute video on Facebook about Halloween costumes that increased their social content engagement by a staggering 2,000 percent.

By employing a powerful digital strategy shaped by insights based on social conversations, they were able to identify the right audience for their brand (DIY Moms), the right content for that audience (Halloween costumes), and exactly the right time for them to consume it (today, October 3rd).

Guardian Life Head of Digital Communication Mari Lee sat down for a fireside chat with Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely at the Argyle Digital Marketing Forum in NYC last year to help explain why the campaign was such a success.

Halloween is fast approaching, so we thought we’d share some of what we learned about how Guardian drove spooktacular results with this campaign.

The Challenge: Connecting With the Right Audience

Guardian Life began this campaign in an attempt to grow their social community and increase their audience engagement.

“We wanted to get closer to the needs, wants and desires of the working American, and really bring to bear what’s in the hearts and minds of our customers and align that with our content,” said Lee.

They had been successfully creating valuable content, but their audience was not engaging with it in the way they had hoped.

Knowing they needed to rethink their strategy, they used Networked Insights technology to help optimize their content campaigns, to better understand what their audiences were talking about beyond just brands.

The Solution: Insights Based on Social Conversations

Using Networked Insights powerful audience analytics engine Kairos, they were able to understand that conversations occurring within their core audience on social media didn’t actually pertain directly to life insurance. Instead, people talked about situations when life insurance would be valuable, and expressed their desire to protect their family at any cost.

Additionally, their audience showed a tremendous love for their family and tended to share moments they experienced together and engage in events they all enjoy. Not surprisingly, they talked about their families, and not about insurance brand or products.

They found out that moms love DIY crafts involving their kids, and that Halloween not only elicits the year-long-dormant-creative spark in youthful party-goers, but in moms of young children, too. After understanding the audience (moms), and the type of content (DIY crafts), the final key element they needed to know was when exactly they should post the video to provide the best opportunity for engagement.

Analyzing conversation trends, they identified that all the do-it-yourself type content was happening around Halloween.

Digging deeper, they were able to pinpoint the exact day that conversations piqued for DIY crafts with moms and children, which was Oct. 3. With just a few weeks shy of the holiday, moms have enough time to create a unique and adorable costumes, like the gumball machine shown in the video below.

The Results: BubbleGum Girl FTW

When they posted the short video, complete with the items needed for the costume, how to make it, and the full outfit worn by a little girl, the post surpassed by incredible margins any other post Guardian shared.

“We found there was a real need to be relevant and engaging in real-time and be responsive to what customers are thinking about,” said Lee.

Within the first three days, the video garnered 45,000 views. Their next highly viewed video had less than 1,000 eyeballs on it. In total, the post was shared hundreds of times, far exceeding any other post on their Facebook page. Additionally, it’s rare for people on social media to be polite and kind to each other, and on this post, almost all of the comments were positive.

“We were super excited to see that there was actual real engagement going on,” said Lee. “We had digital eyeballs we never would have had.”

If you want hear the fireside chat with Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely and Guardian Life Insurance Head of Digital Communications Mari Lee, click below:

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