From the Twitter Ecosystem: Direct Access Creates Value

By April 16, 2015 Commentary No Comments

Last week, Twitter announced that it will begin building direct relationships with its data customers and would cease distributing data through third parties as of this summer. As a long-standing partner with GNIP and Twitter, Networked Insights builds its business, in part, through Twitter’s data ecosystem and we stand behind Twitter’s strategy.  Like Twitter, our ability to consistently deliver relevant and actionable innovation depends on being close to the customer.

With Twitter’s support, we’ve expanded the use of Twitter data well beyond simple social listening and now help brands inform the full spectrum of marketing including audience segmentation, content development, campaign management, and brand health.  We could not have done this without working directly with leading brands. Likewise, Twitter could not have supported our innovation without a close relationship and strong collaboration.

I’ll give you an example. Our client, Under Armour (2014 Ad Age Marketer of the Year) relies on consumer information from social data to move their business forward and further penetrate the performance sportswear market. Twitter data was a critical to our ability to help them understand, talk to, and reach their unique audience segments. You can read more about Under Armour’s success here.

Recently, there has been industry dialogue around the idea that eliminating Twitter data resellers will stifle innovation in the ecosystem.   While that is a fair concern, I have to say that the opposite has been true of Networked Insights’ relationship with Twitter over the years and there have been numerous opportunities to innovate.   For example, Twitter has been actively engaged over the past few years as we enriched their data with a massive comprehensive consumer interest, demo, emotion and brand taxonomy.   They have supported development and ultimately have used our consumer taxonomy in many client engagements and we continue working together as partners.

All in all, I think the closer Twitter gets to the ultimate customers of the data, the better they can support them, be it Networked Insights or brands who are customers.  I have seen first hand the results of our collaboration and look forward to the results of several innovations we are actively working on with Twitter that simply would not be possible without direct access to the data.