Key Features

We classify and analyze the social web so brand marketing professionals like you can better understand how consumers and your audiences specifically are talking about products, competitors and the topics that influence purchase behavior. Networked Insights’ real-time enterprise solution configures to your brand, audience, campaigns and key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can get faster insights, make more confident decisions and outperform the competition. Here’s how.


Quickly and easily discover what consumers are saying about virtually any topic across the social web. We have proactively organized all tweets, posts and comments around your brand and consumers’ lives. Search for what you want without the need to create complicated and error prone keyword queries. With SmartSearch and 25,000 predefined interests, behaviors, emotions, and demographics you can instantly analyze conversations as broad as ‘exercising’ or ’super hero movies’ or ‘personal finance’ or as narrow as ‘Under Armour’ or ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ or ‘Western Union’.

Powerful Search Profiling

Understand the top themes and sub-themes on any searched topic within seconds. Quickly finding social conversations on your desired topic is only half the problem. Too often, the most critical knowledge will not surface with simple word clouds, sentiment scores or even reading a hundred sample posts. Our SmartSearch profiling capability automatically summarizes millions of consumer conversations on any ad-hoc search topic across 25,000 consumer interests, audience demographics and emotions.

Audience Affinities

See a 360-degree view of your consumers’ passions and interests to discover the topics your audience discusses and shares most. By looking outside of your category, you’ll find the unique interests of your audiences and segments for improved content, messaging and targeting. Look across audiences and segments for common affinities to further optimize your marketing spend. Plus, you’re able to always know what your audience cares about including other brands, TV shows, movies, celebrities, music, video games, events, athletes, and sports teams.

Audience and Brand Theme Discovery

Leverage our Doppler™ discovery technology to deeply analyze and visually organize the consumer discussion themes surrounding your brand, category or audience. Discover new audiences, emerging brand risks, unmet needs and purchase decision criteria that were previously hidden in the mass of data. Easily understand both the size and relationship between discovered themes, which helps you understand the cause and effect nature of consumer sentiment.


In just seconds, you can pinpoint just what is driving spikes in consumer conversations. Once a spike occurs, our technology uses advanced analytics to quickly analyze unique dynamics at work compared to prior conversations on a given topic. Our comprehensive consumer interest taxonomy is leveraged to find the themes that best describe how the conversation has changed and to what extend an emerged theme contributed to the spike. The posts that best reflect the spike theme are also presented to help you understand the trend and take action.​

Real-time Campaign Response

See the relationship between marketing programs and their impact on core brand performance metrics. And, improve your visibility of specific campaign elements like emphasized features, product endorsers, media channels, and slogans. Real-time consumer conversations provide brands the opportunity to more quickly gauge how marketing is influencing consumer behavior and perceptions – across all major media, not just social marketing. With our real-time campaign response, you’re able to do all this while the campaign is still in flight and able to be optimized.

Customizable Dashboard

Get easy access to key performance indicators for each of your brands, audiences and campaigns in real-time. Our KPI Landscape ensures you see the very latest performance metrics on what matters to you, so you can optimize your marketing activities and adjust your content to trending audience affinities. You’re able to drill into important KPI shifts and analyze specific consumer conversations driving the change.

Brand Health & Purchase Funnel Solutions

Fully understand the brand health and purchase funnel metrics that matter by audience. With our predictive signals, you’ll be able see what is working – both for your brand and the competition, before sales and periodic equity survey data is available. Your brand health metrics are customized to key consumer perceptions and behaviors such as satisfaction, quality, and value perception. You’re able to track the purchase decision process at each stage, such as awareness, familiarity, consideration and intent, and even integrate your sales data to refine predictive signals.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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Digital Activation

Improve consumer engagement with smarter targeting.

What’s the value in knowing your audience, if you’re not able to deliver the perfect message to them? Armed with our insights, you’re able to reach distinct audience segments that are defined by relevant attitudes and niche behaviors, rather than simple demographics. More precise audience targets improve ad engagement and reduce costs.
Uniquely crafted messages and creatives can be directed to individual brand segments using our audience targeting services across Facebook, Twitter and the broader web via major demand-side platforms. Audiences can be activated by specific users, sites or interest traits. Ads can be delivered in the most appropriate context or anywhere they can be efficiently found.

Customized Services

Hands-on support and help, when you need it.

Work with Networked Insights’ world-class customer insights and analytics teams. Whether you want to rely on our expertise for critical campaigns and product launches or simply don’t have the resources in-house, our team brings expertise across the full spectrum of marketing functions – from strategy to execution – and across a variety of vertical markets.
Our team specializes in transforming complex, sometimes ambiguous social data into quantifiable marketing information. We can even leverage your sales, survey and marketing inputs so your entire organization can make better, more informed decisions. We’ll help you accelerate your marketing to be more real time, audience centric and aligned across all channels.