The 10 Most Popular Fantasy Football Picks on Social Media

According to a recent study, workers playing Fantasy Football online at their jobs cost U.S. companies $3.4 billion per season. In fact, with the opening of the NFL season coming September 8th, there’s a fair chance many of you are building your team as we speak.

If so, listen up – we’ve got some tips that might help you crush the competition in your upcoming draft.

Networked Insights recently reviewed social conversations around fantasy football from across social media to find out what we could about which players are viewed most positively, and which draft picks fantasy football fans think might just tank your team. There were more than a million conversations surrounding the 500 different NFL athletes we analyzed, so we have a rough idea of where all the $3.4 billion is going.

Based on our analysis of emotions and sentiment in conversations around NFL players, below are our list of the Top Ten Most Popular Fantasy Football Players on Social Media and the Top Ten Least Favorite Players. We’re not saying you should use this information to fill your roster with straight-up gridiron beasts, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Fantasy Football Studs and Duds
We’ll start with the stars. If you’re looking for fantasy football gold, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, Giants star Odell Beckham, Jr. and Vikings legend Adrian Peterson sit at the top of the list of popular pickups.

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The list of least popular picks is heavily populated with aging quarterbacks, the injury prone and suspended superstars. Tony Romo tops the list with his recently broken back, and Tom Brady makes an appearance due to his 4 game suspension for Deflategate.

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Other Interesting Highlights

Looking at over 50 audiences, there were 5 that were driving a lot of the conversation and had a high affinity towards Fantasy Football: Sports Fans (of course) , Male Millenials, Beer Drinkers, QSR Enthusiasts, and Political Enthusiasts.

Besides sports apparel brands, other brands getting more impressions in social media include Mercedes-Benz (new stadium in Atlanta), Campbell Soup (with their selfie promotion), and Under Armour (raising awareness to stop concussions).

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Great luck with your picks, and stay tuned for Networked Insights’ continuing coverage of social conversations around the 2016 NFL/Fantasy Football Season. If you do use our picks, let us know on Twitter @netinsights.