Weekly Conversations: Guess What Mom WASN’T Doing on Sunday Night

Hold on to your laptops (we’d say hats, but we’re modern) it’s time for our new series: Weekly Conversations.

Each week we will dig into a hot topic dominating social conversations and explore how that conversations played out with major audiences, using our audience intelligence engine Kairos and our audience marketing platform audience.ai to instantly gather insights from billions of real-time data points.

Read on to find out what we’re talking about this week (hint: begins with an “E” and ends with awards).

Topic of the Week: The Emmys

We’re gonna be honest. No matter what Sean Spicer said, not that many of you watched the Emmys this year. With only 11.4 million people watching, it was one of the all-time smallest audiences for the annual awards show, beaten out only by last year’s dismal performance.

While attendance wasn’t great, the Emmy’s was one of this week’s most popular topics according to Kairos, driving over 1.7 million conversations between September 16th and September 22nd. And when it came to Emmys conversations, it was all about the ladies.

Women discussed the Emmy Awards more than men (56% to 44%), and overall females showed an affinity for the Emmys more than 4 times the general consumer.

So what type of topics do Emmy lovers discuss when they’re not digging Stephen Colbert zingers or trashing red carpet duds? We used audience.ai to find out.

The audience of 1.7 million who discussed The Emmys in social conversations also index high for business and finance and have an affinity for high culture, which might make Emmys viewers an attractive audience for brands in banking, B2B, media and the arts to reach out to.

While women in general had a lot to say about The Emmys, one audience who wasn’t spending a ton of time debating Jessica Lange’s witchy-slay or chatting about all the mind-blowing nominations Netflix original series’ snagged was Moms.

Moms indexed lower in their affinity for this year’s Emmys than 16 of our 20 syndicated audiences.

Overall, Thumbs Up and Big Little Lies

Despite the rebuke from the moms, overall the sentiment for the Emmy Awards was positive. Digging deeper, the emotions associated with positivity, like success, pride and happiness are what indexed highly.

From analyzing the posts themselves, we found the most of the positivity was stemming from  favorites winning awards, like The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies.

Stay tuned early next week as we launch a new series where we dig deep on audiences and influencers. We promise, what we find out about both of them will surprise you.