Donald Trump may NOT be America’s most hated politician

The voters are speaking. And across the political spectrum, candidates with a hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential election are the subject of a wide variety of social media commentary — from the most ardent statements of support to the dirtiest mud slung across the web.

This week, Venture Beat asked Networked Insights for analysis looking at social media posts aimed at candidates – calling out emotions such as Like/Love and Hate. The results were published in our 2016 Presidential Campaign Candidates Scorecard that racked up pure volume of social conversation (Candidate Trump took that by a landslide). The scorecard also showed that at this stage of the race, most posts are neutral with Like/Love and Hate each averaging less than 2% of posts. Of all the candidates it was not Trump, but candidate Huckabee who was the most hated.

And as the day turned, last night 10 candidates from the Republican party took to the stage for the first Presidential debate. So we ran the data again, picking up on any movement across the numbers. Some of what we found we expected – including Donald Trump’s continued dominance in overall social volume. But we also discovered that Ohio Governor John Kasich, with his home court advantage, received the most Like/Love. And the most hated candidate post-debate? It’s neck and neck among three candidates including Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul.

Download our updated scorecard here to see the data and track the candidates’ progress.