Discomfort, Shame and Horror: Consumers React to GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy’s original Super Bowl ad was a take on Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad from Super Bowl XLVIII. After being reunited with his family, the retriever puppy in GoDaddy’s ad is promptly sold.









On Wednesday, GoDaddy pulled the ad from the Super Bowl rotation and deleted it from its YouTube channel.  Animal rights activists condemned the ad for promoting puppy mills, but consumers did the same because they found the ad heartless. More than half (56 percent) of the conversations associated with GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad are expressing strong negative emotions including discomfort, shame and disgust.


The hashtag #nodaddy quickly gained momentum. Two days prior to the ad being pulled, nearly one-third (30 percent) of overall GoDaddy conversation centered around #nodaddy.

nodaddy graph

The negativity surrounding #nodaddy and the GoDaddy controversy has actually helped drive conversations about the Budweiser “Lost Dog” ad. There are videos of the two ads together and over 2,000 conversations were talking about the sharp contrast between the two puppy ads. Posts like “Spread the word to help” or “I cried after watching the commercial” were common.

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