Crisis Management for PR & Social Professionals

For PR and social professionals, the ability to quickly access real-time market insights directly affects your ability to execute against a strong crisis management strategy

Companies that fail to implement strong crisis management face the risk of:

  • Negative publicity – Companies that aren’t sure why consumers respond the way they do, and don’t act upon information quickly, may miss the chance to control the message.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction and retention – Short-term crises can have a long-term impact on loyalty and retention.
  • Damaged reputation – A lack of visibility to perceptions of your brand limits your ability to protect your reputation during and after a crisis event.

The bottom line is that you need access to real-time insights that will help your brand quickly recover from an unforeseen crisis. Real-time information can help your organization move beyond the crisis and emerge more informed and poised than ever.

Faster, More Accurate Insights for Crisis Management

Networked Insights’ solutions give you the tools to execute an informed approach to crisis management. Insights from our Kairos® platform are vital for content strategy, influencer marketing and other activities that can help your business survive a crisis.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Theme Discovery: Networked Insights’ Doppler™ Theme Discovery tool allows you to see, analyze and organize themes that are popping up in consumer discussions about your brand. Increased visibility to these themes helps you quickly identify relationships and manage trending topics.
  • Search Profiling: For effective crisis management, you need to go beyond basic word clouds or generic sentiment scores to capture detailed insights about search topics related to your brand.
  • Audience Affinities: Our Audience Affinities tool gives you a complete view of the topics that your most important audiences are discussing and sharing online. This can be expanded to include segments, sub-audiences and topics outside your category.
  • Emotional Classifiers: Using 46 types of emotions, we classify over 560 million social conversations daily using natural language processing. This gives brands access to a spectrum of consumer’s thoughts and feelings towards rather than black-or-white sentiment.

Ready to Take Crisis Management to the Next Level?

A lack of information can result in decreased visibility for your brand. As a crisis management professional, that’s a risk you simply can’t afford.

Networked Insights offers the technology you need to stay ahead of the curve and successfully manage a brand crisis. To learn more about how we can improve your crisis management capabilities, contact us to schedule a demo.

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