Nearly Half of Consumers View “Share a Coke” Favorably

Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke campaign is a leader among summer advertising campaigns. Through Cokezone and the hashtag #shareacoke, Coke is offering consumers the opportunity to have 1,000 new names replace Coke’s usual logo. A Networked Insights analysis proves that Coca-Cola created a winning campaign from an engagement and share of voice perspective.

“Coke’s Share A Coke campaign has been thrilling consumers,” said David Porche, analyst with Networked Insights. “People are talking frequently online about finding Coke bottles with their names on them or receiving named bottles from loved ones. A remarkable 45% of consumer sentiment was outwardly positive. Only 5% was overtly negative.  Consumers are also sharing virtual Cokes through the campaign’s Web site.”

share a coke

Source: Networked Insights’ General Consumer Audience (Twitter, Blogs, Forums and other digital sources), June/July 2014

Not only is Coke pleasing their consumers, it appears to be winning the summer marketing campaign pageant show. Coke, which always enjoys a strong brand share of voice in digital channels, is also seeing the greatest brand lift from its campaign when compared with two other beverage companies also running summer campaigns. It leads Coors Light’s “Live Summer” campaign and Bud Light’s “Whatever USA” campaign, respectively, in brand lift. (Although it should be noted that “Whatever USA” leads “Live Summer” in campaign SOV among consumers by nearly double.)

Changes in Share of Voice (SOV) and Brand Lift for Coke, Bud Light and Coors Light Summer Marketing Campaigns

Campaign SOV

Brand SOV

Brand Lift

Coca Cola – Share A Coke




Coors Light – Live Summer




Bud Light – Whatever USA




Source: Networked Insights’ General Consumer Audience (Twitter, Blogs, Forums and other digital sources)
Note: Data is time-normalized to account for different campaign start dates.

“The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is like a double kiss for digital engagement,” said Rick Miller, vice president of strategic insights at Networked Insights. “The #shareacoke hashtag and campaign-specific Web site are smart content marketing plays, but the offline act of sharing Coke prompts many consumers to talk about the campaign through digital channels as well. It’s very clever.”