Consumer Insight

Accurate and timely consumer insight is the brass ring of the consumer marketplace—and technology is the key to leveraging improved marketing intelligence from social media.

The right consumer insight tool has the potential to open up a new world of possibilities for your brand—providing an in-depth view of consumer behavior and preferences, and answering questions you may not have even thought to ask.

Networked Insights: Advanced Consumer Insights for Brands

Leading brands rely on Networked Insights’ Kairos consumer insight capabilities for unparalleled visibility to customers’ behavior and preferences across their lives.

With Kairos, marketers can:

  • Discover topics and themes that resonate with consumers related to brands or across their lives.
  • Track consumers’ emotional reactions to campaigns in real time, allowing marketers to make rapid adjustments.
  • Track media investments and campaign success across channels to maximize ROI.

Quickly and easily understand what consumers are saying about virtually any topic. Discover consumer Insights and important themes across your marketing:

  • Doppler™ Discovery. Our Doppler™ Discovery technology allows you to analyze discussion themes and unearth consumer insights that are often buried deep in the data.
  • Audience Affinities provides a comprehensive view of the issues and topics that your customers discuss and share on the social Web—both in and out of your brand category.
  • SmartSearch gives researchers the ability to discover what consumers are saying across thousands of dimensions, without having to create overly complicated and error-prone keyword queries.

Taking the Next Step in Consumer Insight Technology

Kairos’ ability to reveal Consumer Insights will change the way you learn about your audience and connect with them effectively.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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