Working as a data scientist for more than 10 years, Jaime has seen the impact that actionable insights have on business performance. He has created advanced analytic procedures for top-level enterprise companies that use data and statistics to predict churn, forecast demand, measure marketing impact and understand customer behavior.

At Networked Insights, Jaime leads the analytics team which develops and productizes advanced analytic algorithms using real-time consumer data. He is highly involved in defining, planning, executing and commercializing our advanced analytics strategy. He leads a cross-disciplinary team of analysts, data scientists and engineers to provide cutting-edge technologies for predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning, text mining, marketing mix and look-alike modeling.

Previously, Jaime ran his own analytics company until it was acquired four years later. He graduated with a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Illinois.

Did you know?

Jaime won a sports computer-system prediction contest among 70+ professional handicappers.

“Take one step forward and two steps back from a problem to give your unconscious mind time to be creative.”

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