Dan has over 10 years of leadership experience at high-growth companies within a variety of industries. As a recognized industry thought leader on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, Big Data, and marketing, he is an expert on the challenges companies face in gathering relevant, real-time insights about their customers.

Dan is Networked Insights’ founder and CEO. With over 10 years of management, operational and entrepreneurial experience with technology, manufacturing and services companies, he has expertise in customer intelligence and experience with the challenges companies face in gathering relevant, real-time insights about their customers.

As a serial entrepreneur Dan has played key roles in 3 other companies. Dan is a regular on Fox News and has been featured in the New York Times, MediaWeek, AdAge and Wired. Before starting Networked Insights, Dan helped spin a technology out of Brightstar the British Telecom incubator called Vidus, the company was acquired after 16 months by @Road. Prior to that he was the Director of Strategy at Scient the fastest growing services company in history; Dan helped Scient growth to 2000 employees in 18 months and it had a successful IPO in 1999 and a market cap of $7 billion. Before Scient, he was part of the founding team at eSurance, the first online insurance company. He graduated from the University of Georgia.

Did you know?

Dan was the Field Marshall at the 1996 olympics in Atlanta

“If you don’t fail sometimes then you are not trying hard enough.”

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