Our mission is to connect brands
with their opportunity audiences®.

Discover opportunities to grow revenue, increase loyalty, or win a competitor’s audience.

Leverage emerging trends with target consumers for better performing strategic and content marketing decisions.

Gain improved visibility into your audience’s preferred media channels, and insight into the influence of advertising on consumer behavior.

"Our culture is one of challenge. We love to challenge each other, we love to challenge the marketplace, and we love to challenge our clients."

− Dan, Founder & CEO

"Networked Insights is a really fascinating place to work. If you’re interested in being on the leading edge of marketing analytics and technology today, it’s a great place to be."

− VP, Customer Success

We’re the best around!

At Networked Insights, we work hard, play hard and believe in constant collaboration. The folks who work here have three things in common: a passion for their work, a drive to be the best and a strong belief that what we do is going to change the future of marketing. And, we have a lot of fun in the process!

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Meet our management team

Jaime Brugueras, Ph.D

VP, Customer Success

Brad Burke

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Johnson

SVP, Strategic Sales Initiatives

Nicole Komassa

VP, Customer Success

Gerry Komlofske

President & COO

Ryan McHale

VP, Architecture

Dan Neely

Founder & CEO

Tony Rother

VP, Customer Success

Linda Sturman

VP, Customer Success

Stephen Tucker

VP, Product Engineering

Guided by experienced professionals

Our Board

Dan Neely

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gerry Komlofske

President and Chief Operating Officer

Gaurav Bhandari

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

David W. Kruger

CEO, The Fiore Companies

Paul Schaut

Executive Advisor

Dan Reed

Director, American Family Ventures

Our Advisors

Jim Harris

Founder & CEO, The Wall Street Journal Office Network

Jim Schroer

President & CEO, Carlson Marketing

Matthew Yorke

President, IDG Global Solutions

Bernhard Glock

President & CEO, Bernhard Glock Media

David Hirsch

Metamorphic Ventures

Heidi Roizen

Venture Capitalist, Corporate Director

Where to find us

Phone: 312.985.9700
Fax: 608.216.9848

Chicago (HQ)

New York City