Buying Behavior

Understand your opportunity audience’s true buying behavior and buying habits through real-time data that delivers an accurate, holistic view of consumers’ preferences, attitudes, affinities and emotional response.

You’ll make more confident, data-driven marketing decisions when you understand the variables that influence buying behavior as well as consumer perspectives about your brand and your competitors.

A Better View of Buying Behavior

At Networked Insights, we equip some of the world’s most successful brands with real-time insights about buying behavior and purchase intent. Leveraging vast data sets captured from locations across the social Web, Kairos delivers a radically improved view of the purchase funnel.

With Networked Insights’ monitoring tools, you gain the ability to track:

  • All stages of the purchase funnel including awareness, familiarity, consideration and purchase intent
  •  Brand health factors such as satisfaction, advocacy, quality and value
  • Consumer purchase or usage occasions
  • Feedback to marketing campaigns, which acts as an early indicator of sales performance and forms a view of the purchase funnel

Networked Insights’ Kairos platform includes predictive analytics that allow you to evaluate campaign performance before sales data is available for analysis. Our monitoring tools provide brand health metrics that are customized across a range of buying behaviors and attitudes (satisfaction, quality, value perception).

Understand Buying Behavior with Networked Insights

Networked Insights brings real-time consumer insights to some of the world’s largest and fastest growing brands.  Configurable to your unique audiences, campaigns and KPIs, Kairos gives you the information you need to make faster and more accurate decisions.

To learn more how Networked Insights’ monitoring tools can help your brand better understand buying behavior for marketing and sales improvement, contact us to schedule a risk-free demo.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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