Brands Find the Perfect Fit

Marketers are constantly working to line up their product with the right consumer and present a message that’s of value to that individual.  But consumers’ needs are constantly shifting and media’s more fragmented than ever; targeting the same old way just doesn’t work.

What’s the old way? Flat, 2-dimensional demographic targeting. Where brands group together all the individuals who match up against their ideal age, gender, geo, income and other characteristics and blast a message to this “ideal” group. The problem is, although these folks look alike on paper, their lives are truly very different. So they need different things. And purchase different brands. They all just don’t fit.

If only brands would target by what’s happening in consumers’ lives – ferreting out what they need instead of simply looking at who they are – then, they could find true commonality and reach a more productive target audience ready to hear their message.

Kairos uses 25,000 psychographic dimensions to understand opportunity audiences in hi-definition and now, also understands the important events happening in their lives. For example, Kairos knows that there’s an opportunity audience out there who have all just purchased a new home. Or had a baby. Or graduated college. And these folks have an awful lot in common regarding what they need to buy to make the most of this moment — whether it’s new home insurance or diapers – so brands can find that perfect fit.

To illustrate the point, we took a look at what binds opportunity audiences built around life events together – from the brands they mention to their media choices – so that brands can step away from demographic targeting and enter hi-definition targeting for themselves. It’s pretty fun, whether it’s understanding that as a group, people who just purchased a home mention Home Depot more often than Lowes, or that new parents are talking about fast food and Crocs shoes. You can download the full report here, or contact us to learn more about hi-def targeting.