Brands Can Do More When they Understand Why Social Trends are Happening

When spikes in social conversation occur, brands take notice. Are people talking about my product category? Is there a PR crisis I need to address? Is a hot trend taking off that I could use to my advantage? It’s not enough to see that a topic is trending, it’s important to know why.

Recently, Networked Insights CEO and social analytics thought leader Dan Neely shared insights into what it takes to fully understand everything that’s important to consumers. More importantly, brands should understand what’s important to their specific opportunity audiences®. Dan shared Pinpoint technology, the first of its kind and allows brands to understand why trends are happening quickly, while there is still time to act.

View the webinar “Social Analytics: Stop counting What and Start Understanding Why,” to learn how to identify social media spikes and understand why they are happening so you can create better content and connect with your opportunity audience.

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