Which Brand Will “Win” the Super Bowl?

Budweiser’s Lost Dog gets America’s Love.

The Super Bowl is the most notable marketing event of the year, with brands pouring millions into their one shining moment. With so much riding on the ads, and so much creative energy poured into their production, it’s no wonder that everyone is watching to see which brands get it right, and which brands fumble the opportunity.

Using the same predictive technology that helps our brand clients optimize ad campaigns and predict movie trailer effectiveness, we analyzed all the Super Bowl ads that were released or “leaked” prior to Super Bowl Sunday.  Our success in predicting sales and box office success via these social media signals gives us confidence to predict this Sunday’s winning brands.

Based on our data, and how consumers are reacting to the ads released before the Super Bowl, we can now predict that the winners of the biggest game in the ad world will be Budweiser & Bud Light, followed by Skittles. For the rest of the list and analysis that gets to why these ads won (beyond brand mentions and simple sentiment analysis), read the full report.

Keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Twitter for the forthcoming Super Bowl Advertisers Emotional Scorecard. During the game, we’ll be releasing a report at halftime detailing the relative brand winners and losers thus far as well as a final report declaring the ultimate winners.