Bottom of the Food Chain – on Top of the World!

By March 20, 2015 People No Comments

AlexaAs an intern, I’m aware of where I stand in a company hierarchy. I used to consider it a successful day if I got called some version of Alyssa or Alexis rather than my actual name, and expectations usually range anywhere from getting coffee to pretending to check your email, even though you know no one is emailing you since people can’t even get your name right.

Time and time again I have been churned and burned through the intern cycle…a nameless face seen around the office, who people nod at without the slightest idea of who you actually are. You know what I’m talking about. That’s just life as an intern right? Get that school credit and get out.  Well I have found the nirvana of internships, and as much as I want to keep this gem to myself, I’m sharing it with you! It’s called Networked Insights.

Unheard of? Don’t believe me? Well it’s true! From the day of my interview, to now currently writing this in front of you (with a handful of peanut m&m’s that they seem to have an endless supply of), I have felt like a part of a team- a part of a community that values creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit that is unparalleled in today’s workforce.

When I’m not brainstorming ideas on how to continually enhance company culture or gathering data on how to attract the industry’s most brilliant minds, I’m usually found conversing with my colleagues by the keg (yes, I said keg). Every day at NI I feel inspired and challenged to do better and work harder, which is a testament to the values that are instilled within this company. To break it down, here’s what you need to know about NI:

  • Get the opportunity to work with leading-edge technology and the some of the top talent in all areas of its business
  • Immerse yourself in a culture where the people play just as hard as they work
  • Gain exposure into new areas of the business and allow yourself to move internally in order to further your personal & professional development

One thing is for sure- the people here genuinely live what they love, a concept that is commonly lost amongst other companies today. But don’t just take my word for it…come join the fun and see for yourself. And not just for the peanut m&m’s and beer; they do other stuff too.