Where Big Data and Marketing Collide

Big Data has become an undeniable part of business culture.

The amount of information that Big Data refers to is massive. Brands now have access to terabytes upon terabytes of data, accumulated from consumers in a variety of ways. For marketers, CMOs, and business leaders, that mountain of data is the key to better understanding who your consumers are and what they want.

The “social” portion of Big Data provides the biggest benefits to marketers because that data is universally available and accessible in real-time. Every second, consumers are expressing a nonstop flow of unbiased opinions about products and brands across the social web. Savvy brands are leveraging this real-time data to create better marketing decisions.

Networked Insights is a company that helps brands and marketers leverage the social aspect of Big Data. We’ve had some incredible successes with it.

Our CEO, Dan Neely, recently presented alongside other industry leaders at the Chicago AMA “Big Data, Big Relevance and ROI” conference on just this topic.  His presentation “Big Data: A Revolution in Marketing and Media” is now available online, see below.



To learn more about Networked Insights or leveraging Big Data for marketing, please download our whitepaper “Big Data Can Mean Big Insights” and visit our website www.networkedinsights.com.