And that’s a wrap! Thank you for a great award season

From music to films, Hollywood has brought out its finest glitz and glam during this phenomenal awards season. Of course, anytime massive amounts of media dollars are on the table, Networked Insights is there to provide insights for our clients, sharing our best practices and analysis with marketers and the media. This award season, many well-respected publications have turned to us for insightful analysis to drive the content in their stories. So, in case you’ve missed some of these great stories, check them out below:

Publications that have relied on our analysis for the Oscars include:

Adweek: Host MacFarlane May Get Last Laugh as ABC’s Preliminary Deliveries are Up

Variety: Jennifer Lawrence Most Tweeted Celeb During Oscars

The Hollywood Reporter: Oscars: Most Tweeted Moments Include ‘Argo’ Win, Adele’s Performance

Business Insider: Social Media Insights – Oscars 2013

Business Insider: Instagram Is Doing Just Fine Without Twitter

SocialNewsDaily: Oscars 2013: Social Media Reacts To Hollywood’s Biggest Awards Show

SocialNewsDaily: 2013 Oscars: The Social Media Conversation Pre-Ceremony Oscar winners 2013: Most tweeted celebs Oscars 2013 predictions on social media: What’s the current buzz?

Media Life Magazine: Oscars’ big social media winner

Publications that have relied on our analysis for the Grammys include:

LA Grammys 2013: Jay-Z joke, Rihanna top social media buzz

Zap2it: Grammys 2013: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, or Frank Ocean – Who won the Twitter wars?

SocialNewsDaily: 2013 Grammys: Social Media Activity During Last Night’s Awards

Business Insider: The 10 Most Talked About Celebrities During The Grammys Grammy Awards 2013: Top social media conversations

CBS Local News: On Social Media, Jay-Z’s Jab Trumps Katy Perry’s Cleavage (video clip mentioning Networked Insights):Beyoncé Behind Jay-Z “Swap Meet” Joke Grammy Acceptance Speech 2013

CNET: 7 social media lessons from the Grammys for organizers of other events

Marketing Profs: The Social Media Winners of the 2013 Grammy Awards