Analytics on the Airwaves: NI CEO Dan Neely interviewed

Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely recently appeared live on Fox Business TV’s Markets Now to showcase the power of social analytics for brands.

Speaking with host Dennis Kneale, Dan revealed how social analytics can paint a clear picture of product and brand perception by consumers. Their conversation covered many topics, including the ability of social insights to reveal strategic marketing opportunities for brands, reveal competitor weaknesses, and how they can ultimately be used to stay in sync with consumers. Dan also spoke about the reasons why teens and millennials are particularly lucrative audiences for brands.

To illustrate the power of social analytics, Dan brought along insights from Networked Insights’ Kairos® technology platform. These insights provided a glimpse into Apple’s waning interest from the teen and millennial audience segments, as well as their reception to product announcements at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. By analyzing millions of consumer conversations across the social web, Kairos ultimately pointed to Apple’s slowing pace of innovation as one cause of its waning consumer interest.

Check out the full video below: