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Life Stage Marketing: Audience Targeting from Graduates to Retirees

A major new Networked Insights study found that people going through pivotal life events like graduation, marriage or starting families are more likely to have similar interests and affinities than those in similar demographic targeting groups based on age, gender or income.
For the study, Networked Insights examined millions of social conversations through the lens of five significant life stages to understand how audience interests, conversations and brand preference differ from life stage to life stage.
Check out what we discovered, like how recent graduates differ from retirees in the media they consume or how new parents differ from affluent professionals in the brands they love or why millennials and retirees may have more in common than expected.
In this webinar you’ll:
  • Learn how affinities and more evolve throughout the life stages
  • Understand how you can use this data to develop a powerful targeting strategy
  • Hear about the typical day individuals in each major life stage have and what they’re talking about
  • Listen to case studies about how major companies are finding new ways to use life stage marketing to unleash more effective targeted content programs


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