Which ads scored at Super Bowl XLVIII?

Despite the attention on the two teams that battled it out at Super Bowl XLVIII this past weekend, most eyes in the advertising world were focused on the commercial breaks. The Super Bowl is a serious investment for brands and advertisers because of both the cost of securing ad time and the number of consumers that watch the ads.

Throughout the game, millions of consumers expressed their reaction to these ads in real-time, across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums. This response creates an incredible opportunity for brands to better understand how their and their competitors’ ads are perceived—which ads got the most people talking, which ads resonated positively, which ads worked well with specific consumer segments, and more. Most importantly, by analyzing social data, brands can understand why each ad performed the way it did.

Networked Insights just released a new report: Post-Game Conversation Analysis – Turning metrics into meaning for brand marketers, which uncovers the answers to all of these questions.

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