2017 Oscars Report: Social Audiences Root for Denzel, Emma and ‘La La Land’

This Sunday, a veritable kaleidoscope of up and coming talent and A-List actors will gather in Hollywood for the 89th Academy Awards. The big screen’s finest will be dolled up and packed in like sardines, eagerly hoping to get their hands upon the Oscar, while the rest of us watch from our sofas, munching on spinach dip and making catty comments about the red carpet.

At Networked Insights, the Academy Awards are a pretty big deal. We work with several film studios who use MovieSense, our predictive analytics solution, to help them estimate potential box office performance of major studio films based on social indicators like emotion and intent to purchase.

We’re also just rabid film fans overall, which is why we’re so excited to release our latest research report.

As a preamble to the 2017 Academy Awards, our very own in-house film buff/data geek Derek Meissner used our powerful audience intelligence platform Kairos to analyze almost 10 million online and social conversations about the movies over the past 3 months to discover who audiences think the real winners should be.

We found out that audiences across the board are rooting for “La La Land” for best Picture and Best Director, and giving Denzel Washington a strong vote of confidence for Best Actor. What we found about some of the other categories and audiences might surprise you.

Here’s a preview:

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.50.04 PM

For a more detailed breakdown around the race for Best Actor and Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Picture, and Best Director, download our full 2017 Academy Awards Report here.

Seem Smarter at Your Oscars Party: Download the Report Now

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