A Perfect Storm is Coming: Are you ready for the Millennial Financial Services Consumer?

A surge in Millennial wealth is on the horizon, both from inheritance and newly earned income, and with it comes a massive opportunity for financial services providers. But to take advantage, banks and wealth advisors have to understand a new set of needs and expectations from the Millennial customer.

Join us for this webinar featuring veteran financial industry strategist, Richard Henry, who will help prepare us for the coming storm, and Networked Insights vice president, Rick Miller, who explores the technologies driving the disruption.

You’ll learn:

  • What to expect from the largest transfer of wealth in history from Baby Boomers to their Millennial offspring, and what to do about it
  • How the Millennial financial services consumer approaches banking differently than generations before
  • A detailed look at early-adopter attitudes toward new-school banking tools such as digital wallets and automated investment apps (i.e., robo-advisors) from Networked Insights’ massive consumer conversation database
  • How top financial institutions use consumer data from across the social web to get a deeper understanding of their customers

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