4 Tips to Stronger and More Effective Media Planning

Effective ad campaigns require careful planning. To connect the right messages with the right audiences, you need a media planning strategy that helps you identify and understand your most important audience segments.

Tips for Better Media Planning

A robust media planning strategy is based on more than simple media mix analytics. You need to uncover specific, audience-based insights to improve the accuracy of your campaigns.

  • Understand Your Audience – Successful media planning begins with knowing what’s important to your audiences. Information such as key interests, behaviors and brand health can uncover insights that you can use to tailor your strategy.
  • Optimize cross-channel media strategy – Audiences are no longer occupied with just one media channel. A good media planning strategy engages consumers across multiple channels. Instead of focusing on the media channels that you prefer, find out which channels are most valuable to your audience and go there.
  • Develop an Audience-Centric Plan – What is your messaging going to look like? When will you launch your campaign? What is the best media channel to reach your audience?
  • Measure Your Results in Real-Time – It’s always helpful to measure and analyze results. Identify the aspects of your media planning strategy that worked well, as well as those that failed to meet expectations while there’s still time to make informed, in-flight adjustments.

Better Media Planning with Networked Insights

Networked Insights helps media professionals achieve a measurable return on their media planning and buying investments. Networked Insights’ solutions allow you to:

  • Analyze Target Audiences Intelligently. Our solutions incorporate granular information for faster and more informed media planning decisions.
  • Turn Analysis Into Action. In-depth audience insights allow you to adjust campaigns on the fly. This information gives you the ability to rapidly deliver the most compelling messages across the most important platforms.

Networked Insights’ Media Strategy solution enables planners and buyers to dig deeper, resulting in a greater return on media investments. To learn more about Networked Insights’ media planning solution or to schedule a risk-free demo, contact us today.

Make smarter, faster decisions with Networked Insights.

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