3 Ways to Improve Content Planning

You know better than anyone how important fresh, relevant content is to your brand. Content planning should align your content with the needs of specific audience segments, creating value from every piece of content you develop and distribute.

For content planning to be effective, it has to begin with visibility into the topics and conversations that are important to your audiences right now. Your content strategy needs to be based on the trending interests that are divined from unprompted conversations like those found on social.

How to Improve Content Planning

Ultimately, your ability to develop and execute world-class content planning is tied to the technology you use to gauge the pulse of your most important audiences.

Networked Insights helps some of the world’s most recognized brands reach audiences and improve their content planning in at least three important ways:

  1. Real-Time Trendwatching and Detection
    Networked Insights’ solution offers a 360-degree view of consumers’ interests to provide accurate insights about the topics, issues and emotions that drive online conversations and social sharing. Viewing and analyzing insights across segments increases the effectiveness of content planning efforts.
  2. Search Monitoring
    Our SmartSearch tool allows you to see what consumers are saying about specific topics. This empowers your content planning team to instantly analyze social conversations about broad or granular topics, finding nuances that would otherwise be missed.
  3. Audience Discovery
    Networked Insights’ Doppler™ discovery technology can identify emerging themes and audience segments to incorporate into your content planning to extend the reach of your content development efforts.

Networked Insights: A Better Approach to Content Planning

Networked Insights offers a better way to capture and evaluate the insights that drive your brand’s content. Contact us today to schedule a demo or to receive more information about content planning.

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