3 Steps to Better Campaign Management

Monitoring the effectiveness of sophisticated, multi-channel marketing campaigns isn’t easy. Networked Insights can improve campaign management by providing real-time insights about the relationships between marketing initiatives and your brand’s most important performance metrics.

3 Tips for Better Campaign Management

Successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen—they require careful strategy and planning. By investing time and energy upfront to understand your goals, target audiences and performance metrics, you can lay the groundwork for more effective campaign management.

  1. Establish Clear Campaign Goals – The most successful marketing programs begin with clear goals that define success — whether it be driving immediate sales, changing brand perceptions or solidifying brand loyalty.
  2. Understand your Opportunity Audience – Campaign manager should be using social data to deeply understand their best opportunity audiences, create relevant content and make more efficient media investments.
  3. Adapt your Campaign In-Flight – Real-time consumer conversations provide brands the opportunity to quickly gauge how campaigns are performing and act before the campaign has expired.

The Value of Robust Campaign Management Technology

Networked Insights’ Kairos platform improves campaign management by providing instant visibility to performance, brand health, purchase funnel signals and more:

  • Immediately understand and leverage consumer conversation about your campaign specifically or brand holistically.
  • Get a feel for your audience’s emotional response to your campaigns.
  • Isolate what campaign messages and content tactics are most effective and why some work better than others.
  • Optimize your campaign spending based on real-time consumer signals aligned to your brand and campaign goals.
  • Review campaign performance in the context of your entire multi-channel marketing plan to easily identify the elements of your strategy that are producing the best engagement and results.
  • See how your campaign is changing your competitive share of voice and brand health metrics.

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