People Not Posts: How Leading Brands Build Audiences with Social Analytics

With the massive rise of ad blockers and the failure of cookies to work within mobile apps (where more media is being consumed), it’s increasingly imperative for today’s marketers to focus on providing content to consumers that is more relevant and personalized than ever before.

Luckily, new analytics technology is making it possible to deliver exactly the right content to precisely the right audience, through the channels they prefer, and the biggest brands in the world are using that technology to build competitive advantage.

In this webinar, Networked Insights, will show you how leading global brands use social analytics technology to:

  • Uncover your ideal audience’s interests and affinities
  • Find content and topics that are trending among the audience
  • Understand the audience’s behavior within a given category (e.g. beauty)
  • Determine audience’s brand and competitor perception
  • Identify influencers
  • Optimize their media and improve targeting

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