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  • Data-Driven Marketing Decisions
    Our Analytics + Your Intuition

  • Discover your Brand's Audiences
    Invest smarter vs. Simply investing more

  • Know Audience Interests
    Take away the guesswork

  • Know the media Channels that work
    Discover your minimal effective investment

  • The “real” in “real time” Intelligence
    Pre-Inform marketing decisions

How We do it

  • Audience Sync

    Using consumer data from across the social web, companies now have access to see how marketing is affecting target audiences in real-time. The challenge has shifted from identifying insights to activating on them.

    • Brand positioning alignment
    • Messaging validation
    • Influencer identification
    • Uncover trending topics
  • Content Sync

    Selecting the content that should represent your brand can be a precarious decision, but with real-time consumer data you can now mitigate risk through discovering the content that resonates the most.

    • Discover content that resonates
    • Identify sponsorship opportunities
    • Define your messaging strategy
    • Grow consumer engagment
  • Media Sync

    Knowing the right media to reach consumers can be some of the most expensive decisions advertisers make. Real-time data enables you to determine the minimal effective spend required to activate engaging consumer experiences.

    • Identify the right media mix
    • Optimize your media spend
    • Activate new media channels
    • Amplify consumer experiences
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What We Deliver

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Who We Work with

Featured Testimonial

  • "Working with Networked Insights on the launch of Teen Wolf was invaluable. They quickly became an extension of our internal team and brought unique talent, speed and an incredible attitude. We received real, actionable insights that positively affected our weekly decisions in building both our social and TV audience that resulted in a very successful premier. It's one thing to be able to report on how the needle is moving. You're at another level entirely when you can help move the needle."
    Damon Burrell,
    VP Consumer Marketing, MTV
  • "Competent marketers react to social data, but smart marketers are directed by it. That is why we have partnered with Networked Insights to optimize our marketing and media dollars and capture the true potential of social data. By moving beyond monitoring and sentiment, we have really started to increase the value of our media and advertising by delivering double-digit efficiency across our entire spend."
    Brian Wallace, Vice President Global Brand
    and Product Marketing, Motorola
Start Getting Results Today Contact Us Now

Case Studies

  • Case Study 1

    Engaging an Audience

    Problem: A major cable network wanted to maximize the reach and impact leading up to and immediately following the premiere of a new scripted series it was launching.

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  • Case Study 2

    Launching a New TV Series

    Problem: A major network wanted to capitalize on the social media activity within its target audience to help guide marketing efforts for the series.

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  • Case Study 3

    Optimizing Marketing Plans

    Problem: Because this was a new show, it was important to gather market data that could "pre-inform" the advertising buys for the rollout.

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  • Case Study 4

    Capturing new Markets

    Problem: As Networked Insights analyzed social data to help our client — a wireless device manufacturer — address other media and advertising challenges, we discovered that our client's previous assessment of the online audience...

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