Marketing to Women:

Establishing Trust, Advocacy and Authenticity

Find data-driven insights as to ways marketers can understand their
opportunities with women and continuously market to their specific best
customer based on thousands more dimensions than gender alone.

Do you know your
Opportunity Audience?

Learn how you can find them and target
people like them in real time.

Audience Insights

Trade in your two dimensional description of your
audience for a hi-definition understanding based
on more than 25,000 dimensions.

Understand your
opportunity audience® to
create the right content
and target the right media.


Your Opportunity Audience® is the best possible group of people to connect with your brand. We can help you understand, find and connect with your opportunity audiences across channels, using social data.

  • Understand your audience in hi-definition
  • Create compelling content that resonates
  • Invest in the right media
  • Track your brand’s health and connectedness

Kairos® is our brain, which is constantly analyzing billions of data points from across the social web and organizing them into actionable insights so that marketers can adapt in real time.


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“The newly launched Gnip Insights APIs are the next step in providing global brands with the audience and content performance data they’ve been asking for. We’ve worked closely with Networked Insights to help them take advantage of this new data to deliver Twitter advertisers the insights they need to create, understand and target their audiences with data-driven content.”

​Chris Moody | VP of Data Products at Twitter

“Balancing measurement and accountability with creativity and emotional connectivity requires a new set of tools. Networked Insights is the ONLY solution I know that can give real time insights, true customer sentiment and even intent to buy at the speed that it is happening”

Telisa Yancy, CMO, American Family Insurance ®

“We’ve tested a myriad of different insights dashboards and Kairos really does stand out in a significant way because it’s so focused on consumers, gives us better segmentation and tells us what really matters to our audience in a game-changing way.”

Terence Scroope | Director of Marketing Sciences

“Our business is hyper competitive and traditional research is too slow. Accordingly, we looked to Networked Insights to deliver analytics and help keep us ahead of trends. Their real time insights are leveraged by all of our functional teams and help to inform our KPIs.”

Steve Sommers, VP Global Brand Marketing, UNDER ARMOUR ®


Winning with New Spokespersons.

Under Armour launches a newly optimized campaign featuring a new spokesperson and targeting a new opportunity audience, the athletic female.

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