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with Confidence

Stop guessing which messages will resonate and
gain confidence with Content Planner.

Get Insights Faster

Find out what truly matters to your target
with real-time Audience Insights.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Adjust your campaign in-flight, leveraging real-time
consumer response data with Campaign Manager.

Make Smarter
Targeting Investments

Deliver the perfect message to your unique audiences
with our Media Targeting and Optimization solution.


Revolutionizing Marketing Decisions

At Networked Insights, we help brands make faster, smarter and more audience-centric decisions. Our enterprise marketing solution analyzes and organizes real-time consumer data from the social web to produce strategic, actionable insights that inform audience segmentation, brand health, content strategy, media investment and more.


What makes us different?

  • Fully classified Social Web
  • Robust consumer interest taxonomy
  • Unique SmartSearch capabilities
  • No keyword queries required
  • Relevantly customized to your brand
  • Audience specific insights
  • Brand Health & Purchase Funnel metrics
  • Sales correlating brand signals
  • Unbiased discovery technologies
  • Implicit and explicit knowledge
  • Emotions beyond net sentiment
  • 13 months of searchable history

“The same old campaign model just won’t do. Networked Insights provided deeper knowledge of our target audiences going into the campaign development process and helped us optimize all of our marketing efforts along the way.”

Kevin Campbell | EVP, Marketing
The Walt Disney Studios

“Our business is hyper competitive and traditional research is too slow. Accordingly, we looked to Networked Insights to deliver analytics and help keep us ahead of trends. Their real time insights are leveraged by all of our functional teams and help to inform our KPIs.”

Steve Sommers, VP Global Brand Marketing, UNDER ARMOUR ®

“Balancing measurement and accountability with creativity and emotional connectivity requires a new set of tools. Networked Insights is the ONLY solution I know that can give real time insights, true customer sentiment and even intent to buy at the speed that it is happening”

Telisa Yancy, CMO, American Family Insurance ®

Expected $17MM
opened at $29MM

To get a deeper understanding of the consumer
connection to magic, Networked Insights used our
technology platform to analyze millions of
conversations across the social web about magic.

Cut brand strategy
time by 70%

Reducing the risk of repositioning a brand
with real-time consumer conversations.

Consumer data

Networked Insights provided Almay valuable new insights
into its target market in ways traditional market research
wasn’t able to do.

Maximize Sponsorship

Understanding what drives engagement with F1 fans
marketing executives were able to guide event and
broadcast partners to associate their brand with the
elements that most resonated with consumers.

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